Time Check

Time check, it’s 11:25

Been overthinking and stayed awake ’till midnight

I started to scribble what I’m thinking about tonight

But my mom can’t be awaken

So, hastily I put down my pen

Time check, it’s 11:30

It took me five minutes to write down-

Oh no, my mom grunted, did she wake up?

Phew, she fell again to slumber

That’s startling and made me tremble

Oh my, I’m not still sleepy

Yet it’s now 11:35

So many stuffs to fix,

And things to think about

Please don’t run to 11:40

Can’t you stop momentarily?

I can’t be restless

For tomorrow is a busy day

Now, 20 minutes before the clock’ll struck twelve

And I’m still sitting beside the shelf

Fine then, I’ll listen to the wall clock

That’s ticking loud tonight

With the quite noise outside

And now, it’s 11:45

I’m gonna write but only ’till midnight

When the longer hand meets the other, I’ll give up

For my bed can’t be empty so I have to nap

Hope tonight won’t be as bad

Thank you for Reading 💕💕💕

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