If I was Born in the 1800’s

Photo from Pinterest.com

If I was born in the Victorian era
I would love to live a classic life
With the absence of gadget and social media,
Far different from the modern strife

I’ll go by the unpolluted land and sea
To make my novel and poetry,
I’ll lie down on the grasses every night
And watch the sky with it’s natural light

If I was born in that era, I’ll probably go to different theaters
And watch plays with my friends and sisters
I’d go to the plaza to buy fruits with my basket
And follow the trend, long gowns, sandals with leather latchet

I’ll go to school with a traditional clothes walking or using a carriage
I will learn so much for the teacher’s strict,
He’ll let me recite the lesson before I can sit
And I will eagerly run on the lawn after dismissal

I’m going to write short stories and plays
And sell it to newspapers in exchange of a penny
Schools will teach me to act like a proper lady
But I might not listen and rather act in liberty

If I was born in the 1880’s,
I will meet the legends who lived that time
And have an inquiry with Mr. Einstein
To explain to me personally
Truths, the schools cannot teach me

Those are the funs I imagine living on that era but I know it’ll also be hard to be born back then, where women fight for their rights and freedom. Anyway, good day and thanks for reading!😊😊😊💕💕💕

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