If My Brother Will Marry

If my brother will marry,
I will be happy to hand him over a woman as precious as ruby,
Watch them walk on the aisle
While silently blessing them with a teary eye

If my brother will marry,
I’ll gift him a loving poem
That I wrote with love for the blessed groom
For I know, in his heart, I’ll still have room

If my brother will marry,
I’ll be nice to the lucky and beautiful lady
I’ll treat her like an old friend and a sister
Then in our fanily, we’ll welcome her as a new member

If my brother will marry,
I’ll still travel with him and have a road trip
Stopping by random restaurants to eat
And enjoy the moments to make up with the times he’s away

If my brother will marry,
I will hug him tightly
For growing up separately,
I seldom feel a brother’s company

In a few months, my brother will marry,
But I’ll forever stay as his loving sissy
For he deserves to be loved after his sacrifices for our family
So, unending happiness and blessings for them is what I pray

So yes, my brother’s now marrying and I’m so happy for them, actually I haven’t met the girl yet, so I’m looking forward on getting to know her.
Though, my brother and I didn’t grow up together, we still bond when we see each other. When we meet, he treats me, making sure that we’ll eat outside. He’s a very good brother and I’ll forever be grateful for having him as one of my siblings.

❤️ ❤️ ❤️

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