Oh my Restituto

Oh my Restituto, where art thou attendeth
Wearing a suit so fine?
A black tie and colar with a handsome line
At this late hour of 10:09

Why does your eyes shine brightly tonight?
And your hair brushed evenly right
With a watch on your chest
That you don’t usually check

Why have you paired green with red
And that funny hat in your head
Why do you smile so sweetly?
With a prim personality

Oh my Restituto, I think I get it now
There’s someone you’ll meet in town,
Indeed, you’re a grown up now
But I’ll still love you- that is my vow

4 thoughts on “Oh my Restituto

    1. Woah, thank you so much😮😃😄😄 You’re the very first one to comment on my posts, You’re so kind and inspiring. Thank you once again. ❤️☺️😊💕💕

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