At the Park : A diary

Hello… today I’ll be doing a diary blog and I hope you’ll like it.

March 6th, 2022,

My dad and I went to a park, which is about two miles away from our house. My dad promised to walk me there when I was still 7 but it never happened for some reasons until now, that’s why I was very excited when he finally said that we’ll go. We woke up at 5 and went at 5:30 because we don’t wanna walk under the burning sun when it rises.

After walking for a few minutes from our house, we walked down stairs that seem to go endless. First the steps that lead to the houses below, then the stairs leading at the corner and the stairs leading to the river. That actually made my limbs tremble in pain but the tall plants planted in between the path, the fresh air and the satisfying sound of the river nearby consoled me a bit.

The loud burbling of the river greeted us as we approached a hanging bridge. It swung a bit as I passed through it and when I looked down at the river below, my heart beat faster by the thought of falling so I tightly gripped at the bridge’s barrier until we’re finally able to cross it. But after that my fear didn’t end there because four fierce dogs approached us looking about to attack. I hid behind my father who tried to stop and calm the dogs . When we’re away and the dogs stopped barking at us, we climbed through another set of stairs. I started to feel tired, I couldn’t catch my breath so my dad told me to rest for a bit.

We continued walking beside the tall Pinetrees, after a few more minutes we finally arrived at the park. It was deserted and there were more Pinetrees over there with the ground covered by small grasses and fallen pine needles. There were benches and tables, some broken and ruined for not being managed properly, I guess – but still desirable in my opinion. There’s also a bridge and wheels designed for walking or running at. I tried to take some photos of them though I’m not a good photographer, I hope this will help you to have an idea about what the park looks like.

Papa and I walked and took photos of each other, it was fun and I enjoyed riding at the swing. We sat down by the grasses at the edge part of the park as we eat bread and butter. The sun started to rise serinely at that moment and I took more photos.

I saw three crows flying by the sky and one white bird which is probably a dove. It was a pleasant scene, we enjoyed it’s peacefulness. We lingered for a few more time and decided to go home because unfortunately we can’t stay for long for some reason.

We walked once more way back home. I was happy we finally visited that park, it wa a pleasant day and I’m glad I’m able to document this to read again when I grow old.



Thank you so much for reading and reaching this part. 💕 💕 💕

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