What Is Peace? A Poem About Peace

Peace is the most important thing for me
Peace is when I can sleep serenely
And wake up to see my Kitty

Peace is when you don’t have project
Which means you can enjoy the weekend
Or pay visit to your friend!

Peace is when it’s fine day
And you feel sand between your feet
While walking by the sea

Peace is when you see
Your complete family
Peace is laughter, and hugs and kisses
Living without pain, indulging in roses’ bed
Peace is living lovingly!

But sometimes peace goes away
And you’re left with
Literally million things to think about
And problems to figure out

Peace isn’t here when-
One chair around the kitchen table isn’t filled
Turned facing forever departure of its owner
When one member has gone away
After a huge fight in your family

Peace is nowhere to be seen
When you can’t use your pen
And that’s a big thing
If you’re a newbie writer,
Truly striving to get better!

Peace is really far away
When you see tears in you mother’s eyes
Trickling endlessly,
Though she tried to hold it, so I can’t see

Peace has completely left me
When no serene sleep
No purr and Kitties
No sea or friend to visit
No laughing family
No rainbow after rain
No daffodils or blue sky

Because the absence
Of the simplest things, making you happy
Hurt as much as the absence of the significant ones

But through tough times,
One would always learn
That peace could be something else
Something you’re not used to

Peace can also be the rain
The soft drizzles tapping your rusting roof
While sleeping in bed after an exhausting day

Peace can also be
Checking for your family from afar
If they’re okay, and be glad for it
For changes even in the family can’t be avoided

Peace is when there’s only one person
Who chose to stay by your side
When everyone left
Peace is when you still have that one loyal viewer
Of your poetry and you’ll write for that one particular person

Peace is when you know
That God won’t ever forsake you
Peace is when He is in your heart
And will stay beyond end

Peace starts when you choose to be happy
Peace will come back when you forgive yourself
Peace will stay the moment you live for others

May Peace be with you all!

Thank you for Reading 💕💕💕

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