Tanka: By the Peaceful Swamp #WritePhoto-Family

Gracefully they swam
Protecting the little ones
By the peaceful swamp
Where forever they’ll live in love
How pure and sweet the swans

Written for #WritePhoto-Family, by KL Caley


Image from KL Caley

5 thoughts on “Tanka: By the Peaceful Swamp #WritePhoto-Family

    1. Hello Garry!
      I appreciate your kind comment and for checking my blog.
      I saw your take on this prompt and it stir beautiful emotions. (I left a comment their for my thoughts on the story)
      I know not much about stories since I’m more into poetry but I also love reading them and yours are nicely written.

      Thank you again for commenting, that meant so much to me.
      Glad we’re able to come across each other’s blog! 🤗


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