Book Review : The River Palace

The River Palace Cover

In this Christian historical romance novel from Christian author, Gilbert Morris, we follow the life of Confederate Sergeant Gage Kennon, in his journey going home through New Orleans after the civil war, where he met an injured Yankee Captain, Dennis Wainwright, he helped to mend. Their path became entangled later on, with a band of Gypsies where they found themselves bound for a grand showboat journey in the Mississippi River.

Three words for this book: Faith, Innocence and Purity.

I liked the flow of the story and the nice character development. Gilbert Morris did well in presenting the alliance-to-friendship between Gage and Dennis and the well-developed romance between Gage and the skeptic gypsy, Nadyha. His writing was also easy to follow that I finished this in three days though I’m quite a slow reader.

I loved Nadyha’s character here who proved that modesty isn’t only seen through clothings. She wears their Gypsy traditional clothes that was seen as ‘unacceptable’ by others, but that wasn’t enough reason to judge her because she’s actually a conservative woman despite her different way of clothing. Real personality is seen in the inside and not the outside. Cara is my favorite. She’s sweet, pure and very optimistic. She handled things very well even after the unfortunate things she had been through. She’s also been nice to the Gypsies when others thought of them as outcast class.

Rating : 4.7 / 5

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Have a blessed new month everyone!

2 thoughts on “Book Review : The River Palace

    1. Thank you so much Pamelap! Yeah heart warming books for summer reading sounds fun! I hope you’d enjoy it as much as I did 💕💕


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