Their memories have stayed with us
And still live with us
Moments that two little children have somehow crafted beautifully,
though within a short span

I can still remember their smiles and laugh and giggles
Their sweetest kisses and hugs that no one can ever replace
How they ran around the house with those really small stubby feet that knocked down everything
Even how they used to borrow my bike that’s parked against a wall, while I’m asleep
And when I caught them riding it, I’d get mad – but not really, never on them

I still leave the same bike leaning against the wall that’s now painted with their pictures
Sitting happily and cheerfully, just like before
My reminder that they’re still around
With us

They were our angels before they even turned into one
I miss them forever

This is written in response to What do you See #146, hosted by Sadjie


Image credit; Yaopey Yong @ Unsplash

14 thoughts on “Angels

    1. The photo really made me sad, and at first I don’t quite know how and what to write about it. But it did remind me of beautiful memories cut short.
      I’m glad to know you find the poem beautiful. Thank you so much πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ˜Š

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