One dismal night, when all was quite
Behind the clouds of mundane white
The moonlight sheen shaded the sky
Above it all, it gleamed so high

Illuminated the dark in sympathy
That warmed my heart, then felt weary
At last I found good company
Moment in time, heart flowed with glee

During dark nights, it tranquilized
Outshone the bleak along with stars,
Soothed up my wounds and healed my scars
But relying quick was not so wise

It went hastily as how it came
Being attached, turned out so lame
Things didn’t go as how I pleased
When peace from what I found have ceased

What’s left of hope have gone with nights
Didn’t return, ignored all cries
On cloudy dusk of such a gloom
I learned new thing, a one that’s doomed-

I can’t keep all love ones to stay
None lasts so long, and so I say
Those I’m still with, who’ve never worn
Their being here’s something alone

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