Fresh Beginnings; Happy New Year!


Light Rain on a New Year’s day (I hope that means blessings)
Light rain came by
Showering blessings
On a new beginning

A fresh chapter opens up

Spend on musing poems
Written with love and hope

Take time to listen on stirring musics
Healing a wounded soul

Live on books that keep beautiful mysteries
None can story-tell as sweet

Above all, live the new year with optimism
From the lessons of the last

It’s officially 2023. Every year we just keep on wishing for the better and may it be this year.

My 2022 was one of my memorable years with a lot of… changes- I hope I was able to learn from those though.

Also, it was the time I stumbled through the blogosphere. I’m so glad I was able to write here and make friends. It’s pleasing to discover all of your contents too!

May your 2023 be filled with happiness and blessings, friends!

Till on the next blog!


Happy Mothers Day

From Pinterest

Belated Happy Mothers day to all mothers!

How’re you guys doing with your moms? Greet and hug them all.

So here’s a short poem I made, special tribute for my mom:

The way you held me when no one else did
Rocked me carefully until I slept
And by my side you stayed, always
Filled my heart with happiness

The smiles you tried to show
If there’s something you want me not to know,
Even tears you shed at night
Taught me to stay real yet be strong and fight

Your unwavering patience whenever I make a mess
And every obstacle you’ve been through that put you in a test,
You overcome it all because you’re a mother:
Precious, loving, strong, caring, and everything
You’re love is unconditional
Thank you mother!

Happy Mothers Day to all Mothers! ๐Ÿ’• ๐Ÿ’• ๐Ÿ’• Let’s always make them feel special.

What did you guys do to celebrate Mothers Day?

My Site is now Page ‘n Pen

Hello everyone from this lovely community! Maya here.

It’s the first day of May and today, I’ll be having two announcements.

First, as you might have already noticed, my blog is now called ‘Page ‘n Pen’. Yes! I changed it from its previous site title, ‘Ann Scribblings’ because I wanna be more specific about my niche : I’ll be talking more about bookish, reading, writing, poetry sort of things now and be more open or engaging as much as I can.


Second, it’s more thanking than announcement actually. I wanna thank you all for being nice and friendly. Those who liked and commented and followed, thank you thank you so much. That truly meant a lot to me.

3 months ago, I started this blog, having little, almost nothing to know about blogging that I just kept an ‘unengaging’ journal here. Yikes. But thankfully, I’m discovering and learning a lot now.

Anyway, I’m really glad to have a li’l corner in the blogosphere and write and talk and share. I’m looking forward to learn more and make friends.

So what do you think about the new name? Let me know in the comment section. ๐Ÿ˜€

Thank you for Reading and have a blessed new month filled with love and readings and writings too๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜…! See you in my next blog. ๐Ÿ’•โ˜บ๏ธ

“My life revolves in two things: page and pen!
I love to live others’ life by reading, and I let others live my life by writing.”


Pains of Being a Bookworm

Hello everyone! Welcome and welcome back to Ann Scribblings. I saw that a lot of people here are bookworms, reading five and up books monthly and that’s just really amazing.

Reading is really good, it’s entertaining and very informative at the same time but sometimes novels can be confusing because of odd terms or descriptions we sometimes come across with.

So today, without further ado, I wanna share some relatable situations of being a bookworm, I scribbled below.

1. Reading a character’s statement with the wrong tone.

-Very first on the list that happens to me a lot. It’s annoying but funny, like when you read the statement of a character who shouted angrily a moment ago, in an angry tone but the description after that’ll be “he said calmly”, suddenly shifting in a different mood. So you’ll have to reread the sentence again in that tone…..

2. Descriptions you can’t imagine

– Last year, I’ve been into novels but until now, I still can’t imagine commonly used descriptions such as:

  • His lips trembled (How exactly do you do that? )
  • She danced a little jig (lol, what is a jig?)

3. A foreign or obsolete term.

– Alright, I learn a lot when I come across foreign terms specially English terms, good thing there’s dictionary and thesaurus.

– Obsolete words from period novels are really confusing when the term means different now.

3. No music to match the scene’s mood

โœจInsert My Heart will Go Onโœจ
Frose (Frodo and Rose) – another ship created
Nah, they look like siblings

-Having music and sound effect is the very big advantage of movies and series:

  • light music for happy scene
  • Sad for funeral and sad scenes
  • Uplifting music for scenes of the โœจhero or heroin’s dramaโœจ(whether saving someone or merely having unnecessary close ups)

– In respond with this li’l issue, I downloaded different music genres to listen to during different scenes. Sometimes I use random musics in my playlist like ‘Arcade’ or anything that fits the scene.

4. Paperback

– Aw

– Yeah, I remember reading the last volume of HP Series in paperback yet I’m still halfway through but the glue’ve given up making the pages fall apart.

5. There’s no one to talk to about the book

– It’d be nice talking about the villain’s dramatic history, or how stunning the plotwists are if someone’ll be interested to listen to my ramble – but no or maybe I don’t know how to tell story in an exciting way. Oh, just make a book review.

So far, those are some struggles of reading a book, but reading has still a lot of advantages compared to watching movies, like:

  • being more attached to the characters
  • Deciding on the setting
  • Deciding on the character’s apperance


Thank you for Reading my blog ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•.

At the Park : A diary

Hello… today I’ll be doing a diary blog and I hope you’ll like it.

March 6th, 2022,

My dad and I went to a park, which is about two miles away from our house. My dad promised to walk me there when I was still 7 but it never happened for some reasons until now, that’s why I was very excited when he finally said that we’ll go. We woke up at 5 and went at 5:30 because we don’t wanna walk under the burning sun when it rises.

After walking for a few minutes from our house, we walked down stairs that seem to go endless. First the steps that lead to the houses below, then the stairs leading at the corner and the stairs leading to the river. That actually made my limbs tremble in pain but the tall plants planted in between the path, the fresh air and the satisfying sound of the river nearby consoled me a bit.

The loud burbling of the river greeted us as we approached a hanging bridge. It swung a bit as I passed through it and when I looked down at the river below, my heart beat faster by the thought of falling so I tightly gripped at the bridge’s barrier until we’re finally able to cross it. But after that my fear didn’t end there because four fierce dogs approached us looking about to attack. I hid behind my father who tried to stop and calm the dogs . When we’re away and the dogs stopped barking at us, we climbed through another set of stairs. I started to feel tired, I couldn’t catch my breath so my dad told me to rest for a bit.

We continued walking beside the tall Pinetrees, after a few more minutes we finally arrived at the park. It was deserted and there were more Pinetrees over there with the ground covered by small grasses and fallen pine needles. There were benches and tables, some broken and ruined for not being managed properly, I guess – but still desirable in my opinion. There’s also a bridge and wheels designed for walking or running at. I tried to take some photos of them though I’m not a good photographer, I hope this will help you to have an idea about what the park looks like.

Papa and I walked and took photos of each other, it was fun and I enjoyed riding at the swing. We sat down by the grasses at the edge part of the park as we eat bread and butter. The sun started to rise serinely at that moment and I took more photos.

I saw three crows flying by the sky and one white bird which is probably a dove. It was a pleasant scene, we enjoyed it’s peacefulness. We lingered for a few more time and decided to go home because unfortunately we can’t stay for long for some reason.

We walked once more way back home. I was happy we finally visited that park, it wa a pleasant day and I’m glad I’m able to document this to read again when I grow old.



Thank you so much for reading and reaching this part. ๐Ÿ’• ๐Ÿ’• ๐Ÿ’•