The Red Canoe

No one steered the canoe when it came back

Floating by the waves of still
Smudged with scarlet paint

There was no shaggy looking man
In the seat
Waving and laughing like I had expected 

My mind made a flash on his promising smile before leaving
Vested and armed as he went
Reassuringly told me “I will come back”

I sought for a clue,
A sign of life – barely fighting arms, or whatever spared on war
On its minuscule, will ignite the smallest hope

However, a row it only has been
A red canoe on it’s own

I closed my eyes and,
tears after tears fell through them
Sorrow engulfed broken heart

Image Credit- The Red Canoe by Paul Hedley Thompson


Sisters grew with sentiments
Kindred spirits, best of friends
Same gift ribbons, red and blue
Agreed on things and notions too

But in place that cram with lies
Jealousy gnawed each other’s ties
Linking then, their little hearts
Put to flame when envy starts

Streo snapped their innocence
Comparisons sparked condescend
Nothing’s left as they were fenced
On hatred’s dungeon, cannot bend

Change- an Opportunity

Beyond the door
New place awaits
So green and fresh
Signify progress

Now, open threshold
Indulge in change
Let those unfold
So truths be told

Truths that all start
From our inside
To create opportunity
Found from our chance

A chance to change
And learn to know
To walk through passage
That holds tomorrow

Start from this thing
I sense beginning
After all just meaning
It’s time I start doing

Written in response to What do you See #158, hosted by Sadjie


Left Out

This week for What do you See #149, weekly prompt, Sadjie gave this image, showing three ponies standing in a hilly pasture. Two brown ones are standing close together and a black pony is standing at a distance, alone.

I grazed the grasses on my own
I looked down doing things alone
I felt left out and not belonged
A friendless one , without a home

Was it my hair too long to fit?
Was it my color, different?
Whatever reason, I couldn’t tell
Hoping I could join the fun as well


Image credit ; Google


Tall trees sway beneath the moon
Dozing off through nature’s song
While a baby’s gently crooned
Being lulled all through night long

While she sleeps her mom will smile
Grandest dreams for daughter’s life
Of most sweet and most divine
Whispered she, upon the sky

Watching her throughout the night
Safely cradled in her arms
Captivating angel’s charm
And she sung a lullaby

This is written in response to Moonwashed Musings Weekly Challenge – Captivating, hosted by Eugenia