Left Out

This week for What do you See #149, weekly prompt, Sadjie gave this image, showing three ponies standing in a hilly pasture. Two brown ones are standing close together and a black pony is standing at a distance, alone.

I grazed the grasses on my own
I looked down doing things alone
I felt left out and not belonged
A friendless one , without a home

Was it my hair too long to fit?
Was it my color, different?
Whatever reason, I couldn’t tell
Hoping I could join the fun as well


Image credit ; Google


Tall trees sway beneath the moon
Dozing off through nature’s song
While a baby’s gently crooned
Being lulled all through night long

While she sleeps her mom will smile
Grandest dreams for daughter’s life
Of most sweet and most divine
Whispered she, upon the sky

Watching her throughout the night
Safely cradled in her arms
Captivating angel’s charm
And she sung a lullaby

This is written in response to Moonwashed Musings Weekly Challenge – Captivating, hosted by Eugenia


Their memories have stayed with us
And still live with us
Moments that two little children have somehow crafted beautifully,
though within a short span

I can still remember their smiles and laugh and giggles
Their sweetest kisses and hugs that no one can ever replace
How they ran around the house with those really small stubby feet that knocked down everything
Even how they used to borrow my bike that’s parked against a wall, while I’m asleep
And when I caught them riding it, I’d get mad – but not really, never on them

I still leave the same bike leaning against the wall that’s now painted with their pictures
Sitting happily and cheerfully, just like before
My reminder that they’re still around
With us

They were our angels before they even turned into one
I miss them forever

This is written in response to What do you See #146, hosted by Sadjie


Image credit; Yaopey Yong @ Unsplash

The Child Inside

Credits Google Photos

Looking back on time, I see
Blurry snaps of yesterday
Moments fade to history
Carved so sweet in memory

Only have I realized
Pricelessness being a child
Day by day just further miss
Childhood times’ happy and bliss

Time may pass, it keeps on fleeting
Stage of man is always changing
Genuineness shall I still keep
Innocence of little sheep

Childhood doesn’t end a child
Pureness stays in heart and mind
When betrayed but still believes
Child inside continue lives