Fresh Beginnings; Happy New Year!


Light Rain on a New Year’s day (I hope that means blessings)
Light rain came by
Showering blessings
On a new beginning

A fresh chapter opens up

Spend on musing poems
Written with love and hope

Take time to listen on stirring musics
Healing a wounded soul

Live on books that keep beautiful mysteries
None can story-tell as sweet

Above all, live the new year with optimism
From the lessons of the last

It’s officially 2023. Every year we just keep on wishing for the better and may it be this year.

My 2022 was one of my memorable years with a lot of… changes- I hope I was able to learn from those though.

Also, it was the time I stumbled through the blogosphere. I’m so glad I was able to write here and make friends. It’s pleasing to discover all of your contents too!

May your 2023 be filled with happiness and blessings, friends!

Till on the next blog!



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