The Child Inside

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Looking back on time, I see
Blurry snaps of yesterday
Moments fade to history
Carved so sweet in memory

Only have I realized
Pricelessness being a child
Day by day just further miss
Childhood times’ happy and bliss

Time may pass, it keeps on fleeting
Stage of man is always changing
Genuineness shall I still keep
Innocence of little sheep

Childhood doesn’t end a child
Pureness stays in heart and mind
When betrayed but still believes
Child inside continue lives

An Opening

Behind those trees, I see a gleam
Something’s waiting from within
Feeling peaceful and serene
Almost as though in a dream

Like openings in fantasies
Found by chance by heroines
Caves that lead to their own world
Tales and stories I’ve been told

Walk forward toward the light
My moment finally arrived
If this indeed an opening
Let my adventures begin

Image credit; Casey Horner @ Unsplash

Written in response to What do you See #144, hosted by Sadjie


Come Home

Before everything, I wanna say sorry for not being able to post any blog for the past few weeks. A lot of things happened that required my attention that I didn’t have time to upload poems and interact with the other bloggers in the blogosphere for a while.

Thankfully, my workloads lighten a bit now and I’m hoping to be able to post regularly again. I will try my best to catch up on your blogs too.

Now, I’m currently fixing my schedules and I hope I’d be able to manage my time more efficiently.

Here’s a poem I entitled “Come Home” :

It’s breaking dawn I sit alone
I wait for call, holding my phone
Hoping today you will come home
But then give up, let out a moan

Before I climb to get my sash
On the platform with my head up
Among the crowd, I seek your clap
The others’ praise don’t do real much

I won’t resent things that were done
Because next day, I know you’ll come
Years that I lived increase with one
Please come and see what I’ve become

But the morrow, my heart sank down
Only a cake was seen around
On my born day you were still gone
Was it too much to wish that one

I shook my head, about to cry
Saying nothing but painful sigh
Wishing you’re here to wipe my tears
Longing comfort your presence gives

Both of those days meant much to me
Days worth a write, forever framed
Each strokes guided with what I felt
But without you, they’re sadly penned

Happy Father’s Day!

Life is fun, life is wonder
‘Cause I know you’re by my side
You’re my friend, you’re my brother
I’ll forever shout in pride 

On hard ways you hold my hand
Though I seldom understand
You told me to grow up right
But know my worth, learn to fight

Life is fun, life is wonder
‘Cause I know you’re by my side
You’re my friend, you’re my brother
I’ll forever shout in pride

And when words were left untold
You still know the things I hold
Handling me the best you could
Ever best gift from the Lord

Having you as my father
On and on, I’ll shout in pride
You made life fun and wonder  
Now, I wouldn’t leave your side

Tribute for my Papa💕

Happy Fathers day to all fathers! You make life beautiful! 💕🌹

Image from Pinterest

Carry On

Steer the boat and carry on
When sea of hardships have you torn
And hands are numb in paddling long
Seeking refuge from the storm

Row your boat just a bit more
Yonder island you seek for
Stands a banner for victor
Prize awaiting you in shore

And the time you’ll reach the land
Only then you’ll understand
It’s not the isle, but the ocean
The most important you have won

Written in response to What do you See #138, hosted by Sadjie